The Miami Run-Down

It felt crazy to be in a city. It felt like we were back in Brooklyn, parading our children through playgrounds and parks with our Saturday morning coffee…but we had 200-400% more kids than most. We were not wearing hiking clothes and some of us had showered. Felt unlike any excursion on the trip thus far.

And then we hit the beach. And while we were surrounded by itsy bitsy bikinis, our kids snapped back into their usual, more normal habits – identify species (our first man o’ war!) and finding interesting objects to poke into their and castles…and wrestling. We could have been anywhere.

Miami was vibrant. With sun, with culture, with blue water. With tasty food. It was alive, buzzy, celebratory, and fun. I’m not sure any one stop is a five stars in my book, but the whole day was.

  • We stayed: Miami Everglades RV Park
  • We explored: Perez Art Museum of Miami, the Frost Museum of Science, and the surrounding Maurice A. Ferre Park, South Beach (South Pointe park and playground), and the Lincoln Road pedestrian mall while checking out the Art Deco historic district
  • We ate: ALL DAY Coffee, Lolo’s Surf Cantina, and omg of all things a burger ?! But yes we had to Shake Shack

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