Outtakes: Wadmalaw Island (Part 2)

We’ve already shared highlights, but here are some visuals for our second time exploring this island, this round with much more time for slow exploration, crabbing, fishing, and sunset watching. We have visited more pleasant, less-buggy weather, we have peaked higher mountains, and explored more colorful tidepools. Yet, this place remains one of my favorites. It seems to epitomize a slow pace, profound nature (as you protect it), adventure (watching the sailboats on the intracoastal waterway), and a peaceful existence (as cicadas and crawdads, cool breeze, and lapping water lull you to sleep).

Note: we kept a running list of the animals we saw. It was a great list: heron, egret, marsh wren, shark, dolphin, multiple types of crabs, kingfish, skink, salamander, glass lizard, fox, bald eagle, and I’m sure I’m missing some.

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