Our Favorites: Values + Experiences

We have a bit of a transition upon us. We have had months of suspecting, even confidently knowing we were heading this direction. Yet, still, what is ahead of us feels dramatic. We have decided to park Chrissy for longer than a few weeks. We will let some weeds grow up and around the stabilizers. For now, this is an extended stop, a moment to catch our breath, embrace continuity and stability, while we explore the northeast. We have plans to get to Canada and Mexico, plans to get back to that portion of California we missed, plans to continue our life on the road. But for now, for just a minute, a pause.

We have had milestones along the way. I’ll never forget that in the Keys, about 6 months in, we caught our stride. And then again, last summer as we paused on the formalities of learning and headed West. Then, along the entire West coast as my kids, partly mesmerized by setting suns, just seemed to fit. Yet now, this winter, as we have hibernated in doors, my kids acknowledged feeling cooped up, acknowledged that they wanted to get back to Chrissy. I have heard the first echos of “this feels more normal than not,” my first affirmations, the first recognitions of the beauty of what has happened to our family and where we have been (versus resistance and questions). We are in this sweet spot of “yes, an extended pause would be great,” but also “Chrissy is my home. I like it better here.” And for that spirit, I could not be more thankful.

This activity, these reflections show not only our adventures, but how we’ve developed a set of values that we want to hold onto and take with us.

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