Bay Musings

I went on a run that overlooked the Tampa Bay. Although technically part of the huge Gulf, which is part of the larger Atlantic, it looked so calm and serene. A bay, a safe harbor, a calm inland area of ease and protection from massive wind and waves. A place birds come to flock and feast. And on this day, at this bay, I found myself grateful for this sweet, safe harbor-of-a-season in my own life — a place to trim back; cut down on the schedule, the demands, the pressure, the expectations. A bit of isolation, a bit of protection, spending 100% of my time with those I love most. A season to do less, be less, hurry less, so I can float for a minute, not fight. Catch my breath, take it in. Not wrestle the waves, not fight to catch the wind. Exist in a safe harbor, my bay, make lake-like passageway to exploration, strength, and unchartered waters… But for now, a quick float.

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