Sunny Day Musings

Oh, how I have been longing to write a response to my reflections on the overcast days of our being, our world, our hearts.

And sun happened today.

When sunny days come at the beach, they are far from subtle. On a sunny day; more than praising the heavens for the sun itself since we simply cannot stare at it, we are engulfed and entranced by the things reflecting the sun. My skin felt the warmth of the sun, but even more my eyes were dazzled by what seemed like one thousand shades of blue across the sea and sky. At a given moment, 95% of my view was pure, unadulterated blue, filling my periphery, stopped short by only a beige baseline of the sandy shore by which to orient ourselves in the otherwise dizzying blues. Blues dancing together, blues idling together, blues proving to one another they were vastly different than the next. Blue and all its magical uniqueness.

Perhaps the true beauty of a sunny day, other than that warmth on the skin and the lack of shivers down the spine, is that it stops being about the sun. Instead, the sun is lighting up the world around us, bouncing off beings and molecules, intensifying their color, illuminating the gifts around us.

And thank you, Amanda Gorman for words that the sun illuminated for all to see, hear, and be today.

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