Exploring: Front Royal, VA

Being in Chrissy realigns us. We seem to just ‘be’ rather than asking what the plan is for the day, what can we do, where we are going. We let time pass, we wander to no end, we rest. We pick up and put down books, we ask questions about the birds, flowers, and trees. We swing. We make up games. We play together and alone. And we are delighted to dance with and chase the blanket of flashing fireflies. We gaze in wonder at the thunderstorm approaching us, its lightening lighting up the bulbous cloud. We have access to hikes that let us traipse through creeks, chase minnows, and climb rocks and trees.

Our hike along Rose River Falls in Shenandoah National Park:

Lest we not forget that we are never without a good turn of events. And lest our pride never be far from these events.

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