Three Great Road Things (from Big Sur)

  • How good is it to have afternoon tea? Not only a good tea bag or a nice recipe for cheater chai, but the time and space to brew it. And drink it. When it’s cold and your body felt cold, you nourished it with tea. It’s so sweet to have a (simple) need and to then solve it. I have had too many cups of tea go cold sitting beside me unfinished. My friend shared this brilliant little recipe with me and I love to brew some PG Tips black tea and stir in a spoonful of this elixir.
  • Life without cell phone service. Not having service is the thorn in our side as we try to do our work, but it is so life-giving to be without the purr and seduction of a cell phone. Email, social media, dings, alarms, and timers. Pause, thank you.
  • And on that note, a final quote taken from some Kerouac, Whitman, Emerson combo, a lovely quote from my Big Sur (Jack Kerouac) reading (which does read a bit funny here on the page, given his stream-of-consciousness writing style): “‘Infancy conforms to nobody–The infancy of the simplicity of just being happy in the woods, conforming to nobody’s idea about what to do, what should be done–‘Life is not an apology’.”
note: this picture is not in Big Sur, but when the consistency of the tea habit began.

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