Three Great Road Things (from Oregon Coast)

  • Pickled Red Onions: I never ever need an entire red onion so every time I use the few slivers that I need, I’ve started throwing the rest into a jar with the appropriate ingredients to get them good and pickled. I knew I’d love them on tacos but I didn’t realize I would eat them on practically everything I make from lentils to eggs to fried rice. My new favorite condiment.
  • Speaking of new condiments I have fallen in love with here in the PNW (it’s not all beer and coffee around here): Sunfresh Jams, Bonache Hot Sauce, and Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce (and not a condiment, but bonus: Snoqualmie Falls Lodge oats)
  • The kids are into their Spanish and Latin right now… all thanks to Ninos and Nature for Spanish and Minimus for Latin.
Note: neither red onions nor hot sauce shown here, but we do like to eat.

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