Exploring Bainbridge Island

I can’t step out onto this beach, on the sound and not feel protected. It is chaotic: the wind, the waves. But it is beautiful. And my feet are planted. Or walking, constantly returning to the earth. I am surrounded by beauty. My breath was just taken from me. And as I regained it, this thing I take for granted, it was a bit slower. A bit deeper.

We lost ourselves on Bainbridge Island (five stars). I have few tips and destinations to share as the spewing geoducks during low tide, the passing harbor seals, and the countless osprey overhead kept our attention. We did not want to leave our campground beach.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Bainbridge Island

  1. What a great place to lower the stabilizing jacks! I enjoy seeing the children at play and learning about this created world and its creatures. The view out the back window of the Airstream is great. Uncle Richard


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