The North Cascades Run Down

Though moving closer to fires, we seemed to leave the smoke behind. Not to mention the summer tourists. We also layered up, pulled out the rain boots, and made tea in the afternoons as the weather prompted a seasonal shift from summer to fall. Our time was short, but made rich by the presence of my cousin and her family. We meandered, more slowly than our full summer itineraries, watching banana slugs, searching for hobbits, and admiring glacial flour blue.

  • We stayed: Newhalem Campground (we scored our ideal spot, one with a big backyard, allowing the kids to run away and explore but allowing us to keep an eye on them; also a stone’s throw from my cousin’s campsite)
  • We explored: only slightly the town of Winthrop and ate at Woodstone Pizzeria that had some nice european beers
  • We hiked: Rainy Lake Trail on Rainy Pass (Sam killed the 2.5 mile hike on his own two feet), Newhalem Creek Trail, a trail from campground to the Visitors Center and the Sterling Munro Boardwalk, and the Skagit River Loop trail
  • We biked: Trail of the Cedars (this is technically not a bike trail but we took it to get from campground to the playground in the little town of Newhalem)
  • We beached: on the glacier-flour filled Diablo Lake which offered yet another unique shade of blue to ponder, along the Methow River near Winthrop prior to entering the park
  • We drank: my fabulous cousin brought us unmarked coffee and a hazy IPA from Reuben’s Brews.
  • Next time: Blue Lake Trail (was our initial destination for our hike day thanks to a rec from my aunt but I gave I to kiddos who wanted something shorter)

2 thoughts on “The North Cascades Run Down

  1. Moore enjoyable photographs! That is a gorgeous part of the country. Looks like you got some favorable weather. What are your survival skills for rainy days? Thanks for keeping us posted. Love you all.


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