The Whitefish Run-Down

  • We stayed: with friends!
  • We explored: Whitefish Lake and River and State Park, and obviously Glacier National Park but that’s for another day.
  • We hiked: Swift Creek Loop (though off-trail, and into the actual creek), a hike near the ski resort only to pluck endless huckleberries for homemade smoothies
  • We swam: Whitefish Lake (city beach), and also kayaked from the Kay Beller Park river access to city beach
  • We ate: Wich Haus, Bonsai Brewing

5 thoughts on “The Whitefish Run-Down

  1. Love the photographs — every one! Had to click on them to see them better. How do you ever get any on your on-line work done? I would like to see and read about some of the rather ordinary days also, like “work”, getting domestic chores done, living time in the Airstream, bedtime rituals, etc. And, do keep on musing! You are in my reflections and prayers every day. Love you all. Uncle Richard

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  2. I love all the pictures and activities_ I am going to send you a picture of grandaughter, Charlotte as we are babysitting in Albuquerque. have fun…Glacier is my favorite Park in the world! She loves critters and she is gathering whatever we can find.

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