Favorites: 1 Year

I have this thing where as the seasons change, I start to think back about where I was and what I was experiencing this time last year. So floods of things came back to me that are associated with last year’s Big Exit. So much change, so much out of our hands, so many emotions, blown transmissions, sweet adjustment period in Santa Fe, the heat of Moab, the relief of making it to Boise, time with family after the isolation of covid. And as close as all those experiences still feel, the multitude of places, emotions, and experiences since then make me realize how distant it really is. Living deeply in the moments we’ve had over the last year has been richer than skimming through life via a fast pace, one speed tunnel. I’m so grateful our time is not yet up.

We collected some of our favorites at the six month mark, so what you see below is more representative of the most recent six months.

You can find our favorites from the first six months here.

One thought on “Favorites: 1 Year

  1. Congratulations are in order. You have certainly seen a lot and done a lot. You and the offspring have learned and experienced more than many, perhaps in a lifetime. This can’t have been all fun and games. The challenges on the road are different from the stay at home challenges. So, congratulations Molly, Joe, Townes, Bes, Guy, and Sam. It hard not to be close in a baked potato. Via con Dios. Uncle Richard


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