End of Day Musings

the tan of my sandals, deep and stark
my dry skin, aged hands
the hazy blues of the darkening sky and darkening mount moran
the feeling of my heart in a hammock — a gentle breeze rocking, holding, comforting me
the way all the lodgepole pine, typically 3D and full of greens and browns, now becomes just a 2D silhouette against a sky swirled with hazy oranges and blues
my dear children, the look of their faces and bodies fast asleep, given over to the trance of exhaustion
the honking of a far-off goose. swan? loon?
my end-of-day longings and hopes for another day: more patience, more attention, more affirmation that I may be equipped to give.

One thought on “End of Day Musings

  1. Thank you for your reflective musings. They ignite my memories of days when our children were making their discoveries of our awesome world. Richard


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