The Black Hills Run-Down

We cooled off after our sweltering time in the Badlands. We celebrated Fathers Day and Bess’s birthday. We did and we did and we did and left so many things undone. These Black Hills are so packed with great adventures and beauty; we will have to circle back. We loved our time here. There was a time that I thought to get through South Dakota, we’d just make a quick stop in the Badlands. Silly me…

  • We stayed: Custer Mountain Cabins & Campground, Game Lodge Campground in Custer State Park
  • We explored: Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills National Forest, Custer State Park
  • We drove: Needles Highway, Wildlife Loop
  • We hiked: Cathedral Spires trail (five stars!), President’s Trail (at Rushmore)
  • We ran: Creekside trail
  • We fished: the pond at Game Lodge Campground, Legion Lake
  • We rode horses: Blue Bell Stables
  • We rock climbed, saw a snake show, and so much more: Peter Norbeck Educational Center (Custer State Park had so many great activities and educational aspects for the kids!)
  • We read: Black Elk Speaks (Black Elk was a Lakota visionary who lived during the Sioux Wars of the late 19th century)
  • We drank: Fernson Brewing (based in Sioux Falls); they had a great vanilla milkshake IPA (?!)
  • Next time: fishing at Grace Coolidge Walk In, Little Devil’s Tower Trail and Sunday Gulch Trail, Wind Cave National Park and Mammoth Site

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