The North Georgia Run-Down

Given that we are now averaging a hard rainfall each week (a stay-inside-all-day-and-batten-the-hatches rainfall), we still covered some ground and the sun still came out to play. But this Georgia spring might just be the winter we avoided in the Keys.

Our theme was wetness: moss and fungus and waterfalls. And roots: family, close and distant relatives, friends I’ve lost, and grounds I’ve stomped.

We’ve called it “Make-do March“ for reasons somewhere along the lines of Lent, financial responsibility, and our increasing sensitivity to the Earth. Also, some of us like “making do” more than others.

Otherwise the continued joys of the trip: slow hikes, new nature discoveries, bodies of water (our sites were either beside a stream or on a peninsula), car woes, meeting up with friends from other seasons in our lives, sourdough bread, and a lot of fun in a little space with a ginormous backyard.

“Here we go out of the sleep of mild people, into the wild rippling water.” – Deliverance

One thought on “The North Georgia Run-Down

  1. We continue to love all your posts, the writing and the photographs. Thank you for letting us in on the adventure.


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