Spring Musings

Spring in Georgia. I can remember growing up, leaving for Spring Break, a week away from home. On the way out, the trees were bare-boned. Coming back, the woods were lush and full. So goes our last few weeks, only a bit more attentive, noticing the micromovements of the evolution to spring. Trees budding, pollen filling our lungs, rain every three days with that smell that hits you in its first minutes of falling. Awaking to a cacophony of birds in the morning. Crepe myrtles and Japanese maples beginning to burst forth with color amidst the bare hardwoods, signaling that its time for others to do the same.

On our hike today we saw life unexplored on our trip: fungus! Amber jelly fungus, false turkey tail, witch’s butter, and crowded parchment.

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