The Greenville Run-Down

And just like that, we are ever-so-far from the marshes and beaches that have been the majority of the last four months of our lives. It was the briefest of stays, but offered a transition from the low country to the upcountry, and a weird seasonal shift that sent us from late spring back to early spring or even winter.

  • We stayed: Paris Mountain State Park
  • We explored: on the way, we took a spin through the cypress swamps and black waters of Congaree National Park (they are black because of the tannins in the cypress trees – like a tea bag!); the pump track and the town of Traveler’s Rest; downtown Greenville and Falls Park on the Reedy (Liberty Bridge and Medusa Tree)
  • We ate: We met up with a good friend at Gather GVL.
  • We read: Bastard Out of Carolina

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