Favorites: Nature Books

There is something magical about having a big box of books, always around, always available. Rarely with prompting, the kids are always digging into it. Grab one and take it to a solitary nook, scramble up into someone’s lap, or ask a big sibling to read. They are enchanting, whether it’s the pictures, words, or simply calling something of value my own.

Our nature section (we have a lot of sections), has become our bread and butter. These are our trusty, faithful fount of knowledge books. They are our compass, our road map, and our explanation of the ten thousand interesting things we see in a day. They help us identify, help us understand, and show us how to explore and ask questions.

I’ve captured our favorites, our most reliable, and without a doubt most read here on my shelf at Bookshop.org.

There are a gazillion more on my list to try, but definitely must pace myself given the space constraints. That said, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments if you have others to recommend!

2 thoughts on “Favorites: Nature Books

  1. Great nature library. Whether traveling or anchored the WEB gives me a window to the world and I sense the Library of Congress is at my fingertips. I trust you have good access for your work. Are you using the net for home schooling also? What is life like IN the Airstream? That must also be an interesting story. Love you all.

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