Exploring Jonathan Dickinson State Park

For as much as we do, we are always ruling things out. Once in Colorado we skipped our trip to Mesa Verde because there were moods, a sense we needed to stop going-going-going, and there were crawdads to catch. Although I still sorta regret that decision, I am coming to terms with the fact that although we do so much, we don’t do it all. And we must pace ourselves.

Take, for example Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Lots to explore, see, and do in the park or nearby. Gobs of beaches, gobs of trails, gobs of river.

But we rested. We had slow days. One of us took that as an opportunity to be sick. We did laundry. We cooked. We exhaled after the onslaught of sensations that was the Keys.

Oh, and we did find an always-sought-after pump track. And returned to it a few times.

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