Exploring Conch Key

Today Bess and I braved the tides and wind and kayaked to Conch Key, just off Ohio Key. Other visitors had adorned the little key with seaswept debris – a flag, a swing, old crab traps. There were treasures to find – a huge sea turtle shell, gazillions of conch shells and hermit crabs, and a huge, shallow, wade-able sandbar. We kept going against the tide and wind to get all the way around the Atlantic side of Ohio Key, under the next bridge to the calm Gulf side where the waters were still and vast. We emerged at the pier where the boys were catching fish. Bess hopped out, Guy hopped in and we did it again. Only after exploring the swiss-family-robinson-like island, we headed across the channel to Bahia Honda State Park, took a dip with new friends, saw a man-o-war, and started our return to the fisher family, passing a manatee on the way back. Bess and Guy were so excited about “their island” that they wanted to take dad and do it all again. Off they went while the rest of us kept catching fish…

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