The Pine Mountain Run-Down

Just up the street from where I grew up, this was a short stay but a memorable one. In the foothills of what becomes the Appalachian Range further north, we got back into our rhythms of being immersed in nature, exploring, and being slow outside.

  • We stayed: FDR State Park (it took us back to our Santa Fe stop of all places; we had “our own” mountain just behind our site that we could climb and a private creek for Poohsticks)
  • We explored: Callaway Gardens (namely the Birds of Prey show and the Butterfly Center), Lake Harding (fishing with friends)
  • We celebrated: Sam’s Second Birthday!!!
  • We listened to: Reunions by Jason Isbell and Shore by Fleet Foxes
  • We ate: homemade scrambled dogs, with a chili recipe I’m tucking away for another day
  • Next time: we’ll actually make it to the Little White House, Whistling Pig BBQ, and the expansive bike trails around Callaway (where I once learned to scooter)

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