The Serenbe Run-Down

We got married here. And have returned nearly every year since. But to be here a week was pure decadence. When we got here “WE HAVE HORSES IN OUR FRONT YARD” said the kiddos. We wore our rain boots half the time, which were covered in nostalgic Georgia red clay. We named every farm animal. We smooched at our garden alter. We wrote postcards to Georgia voters. We basked in the celebration of Christmas, in the form of crafts, gifting, gingerbread housing, board games and puzzles, and cooking in all-day pajamas. We sped up and slowed down.

  • We stayed: Santa found us at the Inn at Serenbe, where we parked Chrysalis right outside
  • We explored: we fed the animals at the farm, jumped on the trampoline, played life-sized chess, climbed the treehouse, hiked to a waterfall, played Poohsticks in the creek, watched birds, and explored the Serenbe community
  • We ate: the Hill (where we had our rehearsal dinner!), Halsa
  • We drank: Monday Night Brewing out of Atlanta and Wild Leap Brewing and Arches Brewing out of LaGrange, GA.
  • We read: we perused the lovely local bookstore Hills and Hamlets, stuck our noses in the libraries we got for Christmas, and caught up on Advent by way of Henri Nouwen’s Seeds of Hope.
  • We listened to: our final days of Christmas carols

2 thoughts on “The Serenbe Run-Down

  1. Did anyone else have trouble downloading the photographs? Could be in overwhelmed my wifi. I do so want to see them. Love The Moore Air!


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