The St. George Island Run-Down

Isn’t it sad what’s happening (or happened) to the Apalachicola oyster? How many aspects of the natural world will we continue to wreak havoc on until it simply goes away?

We drove through the endless long leaf pines (speaking of things we’ve wreaked havoc on) of the Apalachicola National Forest, along Florida’s “Forgotten Coast.” The pines ran right up to the shore. There were signs for bears. It felt relatively untouched.

We ate out the night we were boondocking in Apalachicola and a nice man bought of dinner. He said we were “grabbing life by the a$$.”

Where shells, fish, and crabs had been our game of choice at other beaches, sponges, coral, and starfish became our sweet findings here.

We prepared our hearts for Christmas, wrapped up homeschool for the semester, fought off the mosquitos, and spotted an alligator. We wrestled in the sand, had no luck surf fishing, had our first entirely rainy day in the RV, and enjoyed yet another almost completely abandoned beautiful beach.

  • We stayed, fished, crabbed, explored, bird watched, celebrated advent, had a rainy day, swatted mosquitos, and biked: St. George Island State Park (and one night boondocking in Apalachicola)
  • We drank: Oyster City Brewing
  • We read: Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • We are listening to: Sturgill Simpson’s Cuttin’ Grass (the bluegrass version of his existing songs)

2 thoughts on “The St. George Island Run-Down

  1. We really enjoyed St. George Island camping. We had a gator right outside the entrance of the camping area. Great beaches. Oysters were plentiful then. I like the description of you all grabbing life by the ass! Kind of describes what we did during our Airstream years.

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