Taking It In: Birding

The kids have taken to birding. Five times in a day, Townes rode his bike to the bird sanctuary here at the campground. And they’d sit, staring and identifying a range of birds, never tiring, never getting bored. Allured by the colors, patterns, and habits of them all. Said Townes, in awe, describing one of them: “Red, yellow, and beautiful brown.” Also Townes has decided he no longer wants to eat birds as a part of his diet. He is taken with birds.

3 thoughts on “Taking It In: Birding

  1. We used to camp with our six children in a 22′ Prowler Trailer. There was never a more peaceful feeling than when they were all asleep and we were all together in our cozy place. We were resting up for the adventures we would be finding the next day, while reflecting on the journey.

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