Tidal Pool Musings

There are two high tides in a day; two bulges of the sea when the waters rise and steadily creep up the sandy beach. They are filling the marshes, filling the tidal pools, pouring in the nourishment that the ecosystem needs to have refilled. The tide will recede, leaving sea life for the egrets, herons, hawks, for the crabs, for all the creatures that thrive here.

And the same way I desire to move with the seasons – the ebbs and flows of drought, wind, rain, and warmth — I desire too to trust the rising and falling of the tide.  We will have moments when we are flooded by abundance, almost overtaken, swirling in fullness yet potentially unable to take advantage of those resources.  And we will have moments when the swells have dried up and although the nourishing water has receded, we will now be able to harvest the resources, find the shells, hunt the crabs, make use of the provisions.  

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