Taking It In: Play

We need play.  We need wild abandonment.  We need momentary lapses in points and purposes, conclusions, whether wins or losses, right or wrong, success or failure.  We need to be directionless and uncertain, open and vulnerable.  We need to take our time, stop when we are tired, go when we are energized.  We need to let our bodies make weird motions that have nothing to do with being purposeful or efficient.  If they need to wiggle and squirm, let them move and let’s not even try to call it dancing.  Let’s not try to make those movements better.  Let’s not make it all a race.  Let’s let it be whatever it is.  

And, let’s do it together.  I need it, you need it, we all need it.  But it takes vulnerability, it takes letting go.  And you go first, because sometimes I am not strong enough.  Or brave enough.  Or even aware that play is the most urgent need to satisfy. When we play together, we forgive together. We are human together. We get in rhythm. We respond to one another.

Let’s let the wind tangle our hair, let’s let the motion of the waves confuse and challenge and dare us, let’s let the sand make us want to twirl, hop, and roll in the sensations that it offers.  

And here we are, a mad, hysterical, joyful bundle of people bound together by our need for play and our experience of letting go together.  

Thank you for beaches, that tempt our playful tendencies and give us the space and freedom to frolic.

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