The Dolores Run-Down

“They appear to have chosen to put themselves at the mercy of the rains rather than try to wrest control over temperamental waters that rushed down from the mountains. They were attuned to the seasons and the vagaries of the weather. They prayed for winter snow and summer rain; they danced to summon the sun and to beckon the land to bloom and bear fruit. When that failed, they adapted accordingly, sometimes even moving, giving the land a chance to rest. The place shapes them, not the other way around.” – River of Lost Souls (on the Puebloan culture)

  • We stayed: Dolores River Campground
  • We fished: Dolores River (Guy/Joe chipped away at our fishing dry spell with another catch, we found and adopted (temporarily) 8 crawfish
  • We enjoyed: Dolores River Brewery
  • We recovered, we plugged in, we homeschooled, we didn’t try to get a ton in.
  • We read: River of Lost Souls

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