Boondock Eats

  • It’s getting colder and colder. So I thought a good curry might hit the spot. We took our cues from this recipe though instead of curry paste used cumin, coriander, and turmeric. And we went with a broccoli, tofu, and no-peas route.
  • A forever consistently received-well meal in my house has been my fried rice. I can put any vegetable in it and the kids get lost in the soy/sesame oil flavors. We truly started blowing our minds when we added kimchi and bacon to it. And chock it up to the positive boondocking vibes, but kids asked if they could make themselves eggs for lunch and fried rice for dinner. So with Townes on bacon, Bess on eggs, and Guy on soy sauce, the kids made dinner. The recipe (modified for not having a wok) goes a little something like this: fry bacon and then scramble eggs. Set aside. In remaining bacon grease, fry vegetables in order of thickest to least (for example: onion then broccoli then carrots then kimchi then kale). Add rice (leftover rice is essential) and turn up the heat, letting it sit long enough to fry and crackle, stir and let fry/crackle again. Keep doing this. Drizzle some sesame oil as you go. Mix in bacon and egg and add lots of soy sauce. Guy can glut that stuff on.
  • From this book, I made a lovely drink to keep me and Joe warm as we watched the stars and temps dropped below freezing. Orange juice + white rum + water + sugar + cinnamon sticks.

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