The Crested Butte Run-Down

Another stop that was overwhelmed by the kindness and enjoyment of friends in this otherwise just-us kinda life. From a borrowed home, to dinner at a local high school friend’s home, to my college-now-coloradoan friend getting a condo up the street for some shared fun over the weekend. Being in a home was mind blowing – from the thermostat to the showers to the dishwasher to the separate rooms (kids all still slept in same bed) to the crock pot. Things felt easier, convenient, and my brain got a break from thinking through logistics as basic as how I’ll wash the meal’s dishes in a single tub of water.

Crested Butte was a dream. The aspens are now starting to loose their leaves so we had golden aspen leaf showers on our hikes. The kids rode 7 miles on their bikes. Jam and I scored some $15 waders so watch out fish. Kids had friends, we had friends, and there is nothing better than sharing special places with special people.

  • We stayed: a kind friend’s home
  • We played: Gunnison National Forest
  • We hiked: Judd Falls, Brush Creek
  • We biked: Lower Loop, local pump track
  • We fished: Taylor River
  • We enjoyed: Secret Stash Pizza, Bonez tacos, Butte Bagels, Irwin Brewing Company, some basic kitchen creature comforts that allowed us to make barbacoa and pulled pork.

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