Mountain Biking Musings

Why is it that when you are mountain biking and you see a jagged rock in your path, one you want to avoid, in the process of avoiding you end up fixating on it? And in the process of fixating on it in order to avoid it, you end up hitting it or swerving, recklessly, at the last minute to avoid it? They dominate and attract, even if they are small and inconsequential compared to the whole path.

Feels comparable to the jagged rocks in my own life — probably actually inconsequential but I make them big, I end up focusing on them in my attempts to make them go away…by ruminating, giving them more space than they deserve.

On the trail today, after a few jagged rock run-ins, I told myself to stare at the place I wanted my bike to go. The clearing in the path. The space for my tire. And really like clockwork, my body (and then my bike) followed my eyes.

So I will do my best to focus on where I want my body (and then my soul) to go. And that is how I will get around those jagged rocks.

Lower Loop Trail – 7 miles with the kids

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