The Breckenridge Run-Down

“…a thick grove of aspen trees developed about one million years ago to form a thing of joy. The trees heralded spring as it was about to appear, their small gray-green leaves shimmering in the sun. In midsummer their leaves were exquisite, for they were attached to their branches in a peculiar manner which left them free to flutter constantly; the slightest breath of air set the aspen shaking so that at times the entire north wall of the valley seemed to be dancing. It was in the autumn, however, that the aspen came into its true glory, for then each leaf turned a brilliant gold, so that a single tree seemed an explosion of vibrating loveliness. In autumn this valley was a place of beauty unmatched across the entire continent.

Now, there were many types of evergreens in the New Rockies; they might be considered the symbolic tree of the region, but the one that grew in this valley was different, for it was not green but a spectacular blue. It was the blue spruce, a tree of dignified proportions and splendid color. It grew much taller than its neighbor across the stream, and larger. And it was not deciduous, so that in late autumn when the aspen stood bare, its golden leaves having vanished one by one, the glory of the blue spruce came into its own.” — Centennial (James A. Michener)

  • We stayed: Tiger Run RV Resort
  • We played: White River National Forest
  • We we hiked: Campion Trail, Boreas Pass
  • We biked: Dillon Reservoir, Wellington Bike Park/Pump Track
  • We fished: Blue River, Dillon Reservoir, Swan River
  • We are reading: Centennial (James A Michener)
  • We are listening to: Caamp
  • We enjoyed: Broken Compass (*New Zealand Haze IPA* and Westy G IPA), Highside Brewing (a Pale Ale and IPA on tap), Sancho Tacos

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