The Boise Run-Down

Honestly, our top picks from Boise are the Hunt driveway and the food cooked by the Hunts. That’s how we spent most of our time and what we enjoyed most. But a more comprehensive list is as follows.

  • We stayed: down the street (though if Chrissy weren’t in the shop we would’ve been parked at Riverside RV Park)
  • We fished: the neighborhood pond, the Parkcenter pond
  • We saw: neighborhood owls, bats, deer, quail, and heron; sturgeon, rabbits, and caught Frokie the Frog
  • We explored: MK Nature Center, Boise Greenbelt, bike ride to Eagle Rock Park, Boise Botanical Gardens, run to Table Rock Park, M&W for bait and lures; and beyond: Bull Trout Lake, Stanley area
  • We enjoyed: Hunt fajitas, Hunt barbacoa, Hunt pulled pork, Hunt pork loin, Hunt burgers, Hunt meat sauce, Hunt hot sauce, Hunt scrambled eggs (srsly the best), Wiseguy Pizza Pie, Open Table Catering, Ethiopian restaurant, Edge Brewery, Boise Brewing Company, Hunt boxed wine
  • Book Recommendation: The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America
  • We are listening to: a lot of Imagine Dragons (thanks cousins!)

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