Oasis: Boise, ID

We got to Boise. Not without some additional “oh no why is our car not…” conversations. Some might say we limped in. And we landed in an Airbnb. Although a small basement apartment with two bedrooms, the kids couldn’t stop talking about how fancy it was. Bess woke me up this morning to tell me how much she liked the blinds. I admit I had similar feelings – what? I don’t have to think about where my electricity is coming from, if I can use the bathroom, or if I’ll have cell service? And dinner was made for me. And we had an automatic coffee maker to provide us our otherwise cumbersome coffee this morning. All mind blowing states of mind given our last two weeks.

The presence of family and what feels like an insane amount of creature comforts also caused everything that had been wound up inside of me to finally come out, like a wildly deflating balloon. Joe too. I was unpacking the RV, knowing we’d have to take Chrissy and Herc into the shop and I started sobbing. I’d miss our home, I was feeling defeated, and boy has it been a precarious couple of weeks. Concern, doubt, confusion, and probably exhaustion reared their heads at this little oasis of a pause point.

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