Nature’s Rhythms: Antelope Island

It’s unbelievable how our setting has changed — almost daily, but certainly with every stop along the way. Like we are being transported to different planets. From the blazing heat of Texas to the cool conifers in New Mexico to the crisp mountain air of Durango to the “am I in hell?” heat of Moab. And now here I sit with a muggy breeze and a gentle cricket chirp, spacious, treeless, deserty landscape yet I’m overlooking huge mountains and a huge lake — and that lake is full of salt (8x that of the ocean). Oh and I’m surrounded by bison, antelope, and coyotes.

Prior to this trip, I had taken great comfort in truly grounding myself in nature. Stepping outside, feeling heat instead of AC, breathing rhythmically with the cicadas, relishing in a breeze across my face. My sensitivity towards nature’s pulses, rhythms, and motion has felt enlivened on this trip by the many different sounds, feels, and smells of the places we have been.

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